US looking forward to work alongside new Pakistani govt: Alice Wells

September 28, 2018

WASHINGTON: Alice Wells, United States (US) Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, shared that the US is looking forward to work closely with the new Pakistani government.

In an interview to a British media outlet, Ms. Wells laid stress upon the fact that Pakistan is an important country in the region and it has a critical role to play.

She reiterated that the US administration wanted to forge constructive and positive relation with the South Asian giant.

Recounting the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Pakistan after Premier Imran Khan assumed the responsibility of a chief executive of the state, she said that the talks between two sides were encouraging.

“Border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan is highly essential,” adding that economic ties needs to be restored between the two neighboring countries which will open routes for trade to central Asian markets.

Previously, the senior official of the United States government has hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement on the importance of peace on both sides of Pakistan’s borders.

“We encourage Pakistan to take stronger steps to ensure that the Taliban comes to the negotiating table. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan embarked an effort to improve their ties for negotiating a solidarity document which we strongly support,” she said.

“We look forward to working with the new government. We welcome Imran Khan’s words when he discussed the importance of having peace on both sides of the borders.” DNA