Uncontrolled dengue outbreak takes toll to 271 in Multan


MULTAN: The toll of dengue infected people has crossed the figure of 271 in Multan whereas dengue larvae had been recovered from more than 1500 places in the metropolis.
The local administration has failed to tackle dengue outbreak despite tall claims. According to details, a key session over the prevention from dengue was also conducted in which the participants decided to take possible precautionary measurements.
At least 10 patients have fallen prey to the fatal fever in Rawalpindi so far however, the total number of deaths has moved to 2700 since the beginning of this year.Dengue virus is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes. It is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows other symptoms such as headache, fever, exhaustion, severe muscle and joints pain, swollen glands and rash. Other signs of dengue fever include bleeding gums, severe pain in eyes muscles and red palms and soles.
Dengue stricken people with low level of immunity because it is caused by one of four serotypes of virus, it is possible to get infected by dengue multiple times. However, an attack of dengue produces immunity for a lifetime to that particular serotype to which the patient was exposed.

The virus is contracted from the bite of a stripped Aedes aegypti mosquito that has previously bitten an infected person. The mosquito flourishes during rainy seasons but can breed in water-filled flower pots, plastic bags and cans, any time of the year because it survives in clean water. A single bite of the mosquito can be enough to infect a person.

The virus is not contagious and cannot be spread directly from one person to the other. There must be a person-to-mosquito-to-another-person pathway. Agencies

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