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Unbridled load-shedding causes mental stress, cripples commercial activities

Our Correspondent
ZHOB: The arrival of winter is marked with massive power outage, as Zhob city and the surrounding areas face 14 hours of load-shedding on daily basis. The prolonged power disconnection has multiplied the miseries of people here manifold. Besides water shortage, the horrific load-shedding has also crippled the commercial activities. Load-shedding intensified rapidly, compelling people to take to the streets as severe anger prevailed among the consumers against QESCO authorities as they are facing mental stress due to continuous load-shedding. The consumers contacting the QESCO authorities to find the reason for the worst power cuts, but the officials avoid talking the consumers.
“The duration of the load-shedding has been enhanced to 14 hours. The government failed to overcome the problem of power suspension, which caused non-availability of water”, said Sheikh Ashraf Mandokhail, president Nawjawanan Action Committee.
The consumers are facing mental stress due to the ruthless and intense load-shedding in the entire area. Frequent tripping and voltage fluctuation have added to the miseries of consumers marred by outages. The rural areas worst affected by load-shedding included Killi Appozai, Killi Deragei, Badinzai, Shahabzai, Ali Khanzai, Garda Babar, Wala Akram, Hazrat Sahib, Toora Darga, Bobai Eribzai, Sambaza, Wiyala, Branj, Sur Kachh, Shin Ghar, Omza, Narezai, Yasinzai and other adjoining areas. The people have demanded of the authorities concerned to take some immediate measures to resolve the problem.
Last year, due to unbridled power outages consumers went berserk, staged protest demonstration and gave a good thrash to QESCO officials. Hundreds of vexing residents of Mandokhail belt connected with Rural and Express feeders losing their patience, gathered in front-of the grid station on Sambaza road against prolonged power suspension and low voltage in their villages.

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