Unauthorized eateries around Poly Clinic irk patients, attendants

ISLAMAB AD (INP) A large number of stalls of eateries have sprung up around Islamabad’s major government run hospital, Poly Clinic,  causing great inconvenience to the patients taken to the emergency department.

Attendants of the patients visiting emergency department said that at times it becomes impossible to take an ambulance to the gate of the hospital as the road in front of the poly clinic is occupied by the vendors selling different food items.  According to an estimate twenty five small and major shops and hotels have been set up in front of the path of emergency and cardiology departments.

The poly clinic sources said that the encroachments have been made with the consent of senior officials of the capital development authority and they have no powers to remove them.

On the other hand people visiting the hospital say that there is no specific allocated place for parking of vehicles.  The roads on three sides of the poly clinic are mostly occupied by cabs  leaving little space for the vehicles of patients and their attendants.

They said that while the CDA Administration wing is claiming every day for removing encroachments in different sectors, little attention is being paid to the situation around poly clinic. They pleaded the CDA Member Administration to try to see what is happening under his very nose instead of giving priority to the far flung sectors and Katchi Abadis.



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