Unanimity is the only answer to the attacks on religion

Charlie Hebdo’s last edition seen by millions around the world and worth seeing as the issue was under the spotlight for publishing the depreciatory religious content to humiliate Muslim community around the world which has started rigorous debate against dominant two-way agenda of western towards Islam and Muslims. The values of champions of liberalism, sophisticated believers and civilized societies are using the freedom of expression against core countries to demolish the ideologies of this region. It is the misinformation and detestation that is giving the impression that the level of tolerance is getting decline in West for Muslim world. This crisis driven situation has created a state of dire repercussion on religious values that needs urgent attention of Muslim community. The editors of the Charlie Hebdo publish caricature on the cover page to challenge the power of OIC and Arab league but may be we have come so far that there is no way back from the death of unity among Muslim countries.  The priorities of West have been changed and shifting day by day from affirmative to pessimistic for third world countries since the start of war on terrorism and involvement of militant groups from the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are fighting for the peace in the region and battle that was never started by us and the tug of war between two giants Saudi Arab and Iran has pose serious thread to the struggle of peace and unity of Muslim community. Now is the time for Muslim states to reframe their guiding principles and strategy to tackle the crippling disease of terrorism and disarray and should give a clear message collectively and responsively to the wicked act of publishing insulting caricature and all others who are engaged in damaging the religion values and publishing the objectionable content against religion which is the only way out to deal with the ferocious and negative propaganda.



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