UAF VC calls for community participation in anti-dengue drive

FAISALABAD (INP): Chemicals compound discharged from human body attract the mosquitoes to bite. The ratio of attraction varies from person to person, depending upon their eating habits, genes and environment etc.

This was echoed at the anti-dengue seminar at University of Agriculture Faisalabad held in connection with Anti Dengue Day as part of Punjab Chief Minster Campaign. The seminar was arranged by Department of Entomology, UAF.

Chairing the session, UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan called for increasing community participation in anti-dengue drive, precautionary measures to curtail the population of dengue. He praised the measures being taken by Punjab Government to control the disease which was hallmark step. He urged the people to keep home, environment and surrounding hygiene; remove all stagnant water and containers; avoid accumulation of ground water; and proper dispose of the plastic bags. He also said that the campus must be made a role model in this regard for the other people. He said that the social mobilization is vital as “God helps those who help themselves”.

Executive Director Sustainable Development Policy Institute Abid Qaiyum Suleri said that the community awareness was the most important. He called for changing our habits, lifestyle such as maintaining cleanness at public places, don’t throw the shopping bag on roads etc to emerge a developed nation. He stressed the need of eradication filth from the localities and raising awareness.

Acting Dean Dr Abdus Salam Khan urged the people to enhance their role in the campaign by raising awareness. He called for wrapping all unused plastic tyres and regular change of water in animal drinking containers. He said that social mobilization is the must in this regard.

Chairman Department of Entomology Prof Dr Muhammad Jalal Arif said that they were taking all possible measures for fogging and tangible researches to combat the population of the mosquitoes. He said that it is social reasonability to create awareness and mobilization so that the issue can be addressed effectively

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