Two wrongs do not make a right

 The situation has totally been changed as political arena representing total chaotic scenario. The clash which erupted Saturday’s night continued Sunday. The political confrontation between the government, Pakistan Tehrik Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehrik has now gone from bad to worst. The government is claiming that two people lost their lives while scores of people including policemen were injured in the clash. On the other PTI chief Imran Khan claimed that 11 activist have lost their lives while his party’s coordinator Faraz Chaudhry has been kidnapped by the government. According to PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri, over 13 workers have been killed while over 31 are expected to lose their lives due to severe injuries. Both Imran Khan and Dr Qadri have vowed not to spare those involved in the acts of violence. The government tried on its level best to end the deadlock by sending its teams and involving other parliamentary parties to find a peaceful solution acceptable to all the stakeholders. Though several rounds of talks were held bearing no desired results but the government and protesting parties kept the door open for dialogue. The government showed its willingness to accept the demands made by the protesting parties but refused to accept the very demand i.e. resignation of the Prime Minister , Chief Minister Punjab and dissolution of assemblies.

Now all the stakeholders have entered into dead end. Hundreds of protesting parties’ workers and journalists lay injured due to intense firing of tear gas and rubber bullets by the police force. The PTI leader accused PM Nawaz Sharif of using brutal force against the peaceful party activists. He is going to lodged FIR against the PM and interior minister holding both responsible for issuing orders of use of force against the peaceful marchers that resulted into the deaths of PTI and PAT workers. PAT chief went extra miles by saying that he would not rest unless the hanging of both Sharifs brothers. He also accused the government for using poisonous gas that caused damages to the lungs of thousands of protestors.

The entire world watched the policemen using brutal force against the marchers including women and kids. The police forced even did not spare the media men who were covering the incidents. The policemen dragged the media men out of their vehicles and subjected to worst physical torture. The hospitals are filled with the injured. There were reports that police force did not stop and entered into the hospitals and dragged out the injured persons and put them in the prison vans. The Federal Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has also admitted that police force used excessive force against the marchers and also condemned the concerned quarters.

After coming under pressure, the prime minister has ordered an inquiry and vowed to bring to justice to those who used excessive force against the marchers and media men. The damage has been done now and it has become very difficult for the government to justify use of force. The government is no in deep blue water. Being elected by the people, it was not being expected by the rulers who claim to uphold rule of law and strengthening the democratic system that it would opt for undemocratic move against its own people. The government is now standing on weak ground and pressure is building up against it with each and every passing day. First it was IGP Islamabad Aftab Cheema who reportedly refused to use force against the marchers. Now Khalid Khattak, who was made IGP and supervised the Saturday night, Sunday night operation against the marchers, has also gone on leave. The way police force against the marchers and media men can not be justified in any civilized society. The policemen must be taken to task for subjecting media men to brutal torture as they were Indian or Zionist’s citizens.

Now definitely, the democracy is under threat as both the protesting parties leaders are looking up to third force. Blame goes to all stakeholders. Some of government ministers’ attitude was totally undemocratic as they kept pushing the protesting parties against the wall while PAT and PTI leaders can not escape the blame. There was no need to order the charged activists to move towards PM House. Both leaders underestimated the situation that resulted into loss of precious lives. The beauty of democracy has now definitely been evaporated in the air filled with tear gas smoke and crying people. This is no win-win situation for any stakeholders as it has tarnished the image of country in the eyes of world community.


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