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Two schools closed over Covid in Mardan

PESHAWAR:  The district administration in the wake of reported positive Covid-19 cases and recommendation of health authorities on Saturday closed two schools for 10 days in Mardan.

The positive persons of Working Folks Grammar Higher Secondary School Takht Bahi and Government Girls High Schools Koragh, Mardan would remain under isolation for 14 days under KP Epidemic Control and Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020.

 The district health officer Mardan was directed to make sure vaccination of persons under the lock down and  monitor their health conditions regularly.  The TMO Mardan and Takht Bhai were directed to instruct the concerned staff to carry out  chlorination/disinfectant spray in the premises of closed schools. At the time of reopening of the schools, only those faculty members, supporting staff and students age 18 and above should be allowed who would be vaccinated

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