Two murder convicts hanged in Lahore, Haripur jails

LAHORE/HARIPUR: Two more death row convicts were hanged early Wednesday morning in Lahore and Haripur jails.

Murder convicts Allah Datta and Haji Shabbir were hanged at Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore and Haripur Central Jail respectively in the early hours of Wednesday morning amid tight security.

Datta was sentenced to death for the murder of a man in Depalpur district over a minor dispute, while Shabbir was sentenced to death for the murder of a Rawalpindi-based trader in 1996.

Meanwhile, Execution of a death row convict named Abbass was halted in Sahiwal jail due to negotiation held between two parties.

With some 8,000 people currently on death row in the country, the United Nations earlier this year urged Pakistan to reinstate its moratorium on the death penalty, condemning a recent surge in executions. INP

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