TV plays and moral decency

July 22, 2017

There was a time when programs especially dramas were viewed on PTV with all the family members. Stories and scripts were full of moral lessons. PTV was the only channel of entertainment for all viewers. The programs were source of guidance and education. They had the potential to lay ethical foundation in the very roots of our society.

With the passage of time, the taste and choice of the audience and writers have changed. Many new writers have emerged on the sky of drama writing. Unfortunately, most of them are producing plays which do not relate to our moral values. In most of the dramas, romantic scenes are shown which is harmful for the morality of our kids and youth. The generation we are bringing up by showing such stories will be lacking moral values in future. If this continues, the moral treasure of nation which is a hallmark of our society will vanish.

This is the responsibility of all media channels to present programs to make society a place where people live with ethical decency and dignity. This will enable us to save our values and culture in the long run.

Muhammad Ishaq
Via Email