TTP Punjab announces to lay down arms, quit all activities

muaivaUrges other miltants to surrender, resort to peace talks

PESHAWAR: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Punjab wing widely known as the Punjabi Taliban have announced to throw down weapons and quit all militant activities in Pakistan.

The commander of Punjabi Taliban, Asmatullah Muawiaya announced on Saturday to surrender himself to the Pakistan Army, along with the members of the faction led by him. According to details, the faction decided so due to growing conflicts with the TTP supremo Mullah Fazlullah, who was said to be backing illegal activities like extortion, kidnappings for ransom and killings of the innocent.

Muawiya said that the TTP chief Fazlullah is involved in the activities which clash with the teachings of Islam. He vowed to continue with preaching and help out the people in flood-hit areas of the country, after surrendering himself.

The Punjabi Taliban chief said he decided to quit militant activities and to surrender along with his accomplices, after consultation with ulema and tribal elders.

He also urged the Taliban members of different tribes to quit their activities and resort to table-talks.

Meanwhile, analysts have welcomed the cessation of militant activities by a major Taliban group and have said that this will further weaken the TTP, which has already lost much of its influence due to the ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb, in the north western tribal region of Pakistan.Agencies

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