Trump’s changed focus

Since the U.S. governmental debt has increased considerably the state might countenance sooner or later an inflationary crisis that could send the value of the dollar down by 30 percent or further.  This is a threatening sign, and from the perspective of geopolitics, if a crisis ever takes place, it will have mammoth implications for geopolitics – in particular regarding the U.S. capability to project military supremacy and even apply repulsive sanctions on other countries. Multi-figure inflation has taken hold in countries throughout the globe by tempest in the current year. Argentina, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Venezuela and several other countries have all suffered monetary and fiscal blows this year, and in the U.S. in effect every market i.e. real estate, stocks and bonds etc. has cried off except for the cash dollar. Apart from all this, Donald Trump of late has taken some steps that no one ever imagined. He announced a withdrawal of some 2000 troops from Syria, which shows an allowance for others. If it is true it means that the U.S. has lost its war with its associated and a variety of terrorist groups in Syria and has not been able to defeat the Assad government.  It is should be noted here that Donald Trump probably won the Presidential election in 2016 because he claimed that he wanted to pull the U.S. out of military engagements in the Middle East, and gives the impression that he recognizes that the war in Afghanistan, the longest by far in U.S. history, was accomplishing nothing and could not be won. Trump has also announced plans to cut in two the number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. In announcing the withdrawal from Syria, he claimed as well that the U.S. has defeated ISIS and as a result implying that the U.S. has no reason to stay behind in Syria. Who does not know that the objective of the staying in Syria was to wipe out the Assad government and leave Syria in disorder and mess something that has not been accomplished so far. ISIS was, in point of fact, served by the U.S. at grave moments in the conflict. Trump is never going to accept the U.S. was defeated or even that it has not been aiding ISIS from time to time, but this is not so significant. He is just falsely claiming that the U.S. has won in Syria when in fact the U.S. has wasted billions and billions of dollars and possibly more than a trillion dollars in Syria. Given what Trump has declared regarding Syria and Afghanistan recently, we can conclude that Trump wants to focus on the growing problems inside the country rather than interfering in other countries.


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