Trump and American retreat


By Junaid Ali Malik 

There is a national debate going on in America over the Trump Administration’s foreign policy. The scholars and analysts are seriously considering the grave situation the country is facing at the international level, which is: American retreat.  Donald Trump became president of the world’s strongest country with the slogan, “America First”. His intentions were already unambiguous with regard to the certain decisions that he would make at the international level and would cause damage to America. The construction of wall alongside the border of Mexico and getting rid of the illegal foreigners were his top priority.

In the modern history, America has to face retreat when Russia brusquely took part in Syrian crisis and challenged the American dominance in the Middle East. China also joined in and both of them vetoed the American-backed resolution to attack on Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria many times. This in actuality challenged the American authority in the region and it could not do anything than to put up with retreat.

More recently, the rejection of the US’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel without a doubt indicates that its influence is curtailing even on the countries that are the major recipient of its economic aid. 35 abstentions were observed in the General Assembly while 128 voted in the favor of the resolution rescinding to recognize Jerusalem as the Israel’s capital. 9 member states voted against it and 21 did not participate. UN envoy of Palestine declared it “massive setback” for America.

It is evident that American sway at the international arena is dropping with a rapid pace. The world is turning into a multi-polar one especially with the rise of China and Russia. The part that they are playing in the war in Syria and then in not accepting the Trump’s decision to shift the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem are clear indication that the American authority is being challenged.

The third world countries that have remained under American influence especially after the Second World War have now more options, than only US, to thrive economically. From the second half of the twentieth century till the selection of Trump, things principally remained in favor of America – its role in various events can be disputed but the reality is there was no one that could face up to it.

Factually speaking, Americans at home are not contented with the policies of Trump. After his incumbency in the presidency, the streets were flooded with the protestors. His jingoistic designs were believed to be the grounds of in-house harms.

Moreover, Europeans, who remained close to America whenever it was about supporting its policies around the world, are also showing their contempt towards the new government in Washington. EU immediately after Trump’s announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel showed angst and believed it would shatter the peace in the region.

Modifications in America Foreign Policy affect the entire world. It is better to form strategies that are productive for the world at large. Opting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was disliked by the majority, and they showed their reaction during the voting that was held on 22 December, 2017.

US should play its constructive role in bringing peace and cohesion among the states rather dividing them and testing their loyalty in consideration of the financial aid. Doing this is only possible when there will be accurate decisions made after taking into account the aspirations of the people rather than the personal egos and favors towards any specific group.

At this point in time, stable and sympathetic America is meant to be a secure world; baffled and assertive America will cause more damage to the whole world and to Americans themselves. It is now over the Trump Administration to fix on the future course of action that is productive and lucrative for all.

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