True essence of democracy; Let the ego go

The National Assembly Wednesday was unanimous in defending the sanctity of the Parliament, constitution and reposed confidence on the leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif. Debating on country’s latest political situation, the MPs both from the treasury and opposition while condemning the adventures of both the Imran Khan and Tahirur Qadri called upon the protesting parties not to use women and children as shield. They also urged the government to devise a strategy to tackle the situation and ensure such kind of dramas would not be staged again and again.. The MPs also asked PTI chairman Imran Khan to give reasons to justify his demands arguing that solution of the problems lies in democracy.

After Ch Nisar press talks, it was being feared that the government would definitely use force against the protestors as he had warned both the protesting parties not to breach the red zone otherwise force would be used. But the governments at the eleventh hours changed its stance and allowed the marchers entering red zone. This was the wise decision and must be appreciated. Credit also goes to the law enforcement agencies personnel and policemen too as they stepped back and did not make a move which could be resulted into bloody clash. The marchers have now reached in front of Parliament House. It is the beauty of the democracy that the protesting parties have entered the red zone without any bloodshed and

The PAT chief Dr Qadri should also adopt democratic as well constitutional ways when it comes to pressing for his demands. No doubt the Model Town incident was nothing less than a national tragedy. The Punjab government especially the provincial ministers did not played due role. They failed to tackle the matter properly. There was no need of removing barriers erected outside PTI chief residence and Tehrik Minhajul Quran in the middle of the night. The killings of 14 people including women and kids can not be justified. Had the Chief Minister Punjab acted timely, the PAT would not be able to muster up the support and strength as it has today. The Punjab government still have time not only expose but also bring the real culprits of the carnage to the book which would definitely give a moral boost to the provincial government.

In case of PTI, again it is the government to blame for making situation from bad to worst. Imran Khan was only demanding recounting of votes in four constituencies but unfortunately again it was some federal as well provincial ministers who did not pay any heeds to his demands and today the government is standing on weak ground. The government could have acted in democratic way by accepting the demand made by the PTI to aver the crises, it is facing now. It appeared that PM Nawaz Sharif has lost or little control on his ministers as he has instructed them not to pass any kind of inflammatory remarks against both the protesting parties as some ministers are still violating the orders by making unnecessary remarks against the marchers. PTI chief has again submitted six demands to the government. The government has already conveyed a message that it is ready to accept the demand but in the same time it has again told the PTI that PM would not resigned at any cost. This will again lead to nowhere as both PAT and PTI leaders are not ready to hold dialogues with the government unless the Prime Minister quits. Though direct talks haven’t been held till now between the government and the PTI as well PAT but opposition parties leaders are trying on their level best to bring all the stakeholders to the table.

Pakistan army has already sent a clear message to all the stakeholders that they should resolve their differences through dialogues. This move must be appreciated. The elements who were hoping that army would intervene into the ongoing confrontation got a clear message that army does not want to intervene into the politics. Sooner of later, the protesting parties have to come to negotiation table to foil the nefarious design of anti democratic forces. Though PAT and PTI have difference of opinion as Dr Qadri want immediate arrest of PM, CM, dissolution of assemblies and formation of national government while PTI chief Imran Khan who also want PM to resign immediately but does not favour formation of national government. PTI chief wants mid-term polls.He was of the view that he does not expect any sort of justice from the rulers and dialogue can be held after the resignation of PM . While other opposition parties are of strong opinion that dialogue is the only way to resolve the issues otherwise the deadlock would harm democracy.

Now there is a dire need to promote politics of reconciliation for strengthening democracy in the country. The government and opposition should sit together and find a solution to the crisis to end uncertainty among the masses who had suffered a lot and want to live in a atmosphere filled with peace and harmony.

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