Traffic of twin cities under pressure

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist


Imran’s call for the students and youngsters to gather at D-Chowk has made traffic conditions worth noticing. The abrupt change in the attitude of the police officers against the youth cannot be ignored. Hundreds of bikers are being stopped and most of the motorcycles are being sent to the police stations on different accounts. Since the traffic routes have been already pretty much hectic, additional police check posts has made the traffic succumb to the pressure of the authorities. It has proven to be another tactic by which the common man feels abused and psychologically depressed.


There are many aspects by which the common man can be disturbed by the minute changes that may change their routines. Quoting an example of the routes are the most difficult situations that has to be copied by the public. Additional to that the concept of security and political executive decisions regarding the suppression of any gathering that may be called by the opposition can be manipulated. The instance when there is any chance for the PTI’s followers to do something radical security officials get active. May it be a blessing in disguise that the protective forces become more aware of their duties?


Almost all the city exits are being closed except a couple of routes; reason mainly the construction of the Metro bus project in the twin cities. Amongst that there are large amounts of commuters that travel to the sit-ins lead by PTI and PAT. This ultimately increases the pressure on the motorists. The areas of Gulzar-e-Qauid, Murree Road, Expressway and IJP road all are being filled with traffic blockades or check posts by the police and traffic police officers. Further, even the motorists of Islamabad sectors are facing the same issues on Margalla road, and on many sector intersections. Peshawer Morh and Shakarparian have been used excessively by the motorists creating a traffic flux.

The motorcycles that have been already seized by the police officials will have the whole process of legalities to be followed. The legal process of getting back the motorcycles or cars is both lengthy and painful plus the payments will be an addition in the problem. So that being said, it becomes essential for the motorists of the twin cities to become aware and attentive in the obligatory laws set by the state. Matter of the fact that political shift may become a part of the awareness for the public of the capital is both beneficial and security oriented.

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