Traders unanimously reject Govt’s decision for closure of shops by 8:00 pm

ISLAMABAD:  The local traders in a meeting at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) chaired by Muzzamil Hussain Sabri President have unanimously rejected the government decision for closure of shops and markets in Islamabad by 8:00 pm and called upon the government to urgently withdraw its decision and try to resolve this issue through consensus efforts otherwise, if government tried to impose this decision forcefully, whole trading community of the federal capital would launch united protest against this move.

M. Shakeel Munir Senior Vice President ICCI, Abdul Rauf Alam Founder Group Chairman, Kamran Abbasi President Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders, Ajmal Baloch President All Pakistan Markazi Anjuman-e-Tijaran, Kashif Chaudhry President Anjamun-e-Tijaran Islamabad, and Presidents of all Markets of Islamabad were present at the occasion.

Addressing the meeting, Muzzamil Hussain Sabri, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that government has taken unilateral decision for closure of shops and markets in Islamabad without taking traders into the confidence while the local administration has come into action for its implementation which was not acceptable to the traders.

He said the energy crisis was the issue of whole country whereas line losses and power theft were minimum in Islamabad as compared to other cities, but it was unfortunate that only the traders of federal capital were being forced to close shops early which were highly discriminatory.

He said the local business community has totally rejected this decision and if any arms twisting tactics were used, traders could start strong protests.

Abdul Rauf Alam, Chairman Founder Group said that traders have always cooperated with the government and forcing them to close shops by 8:00 pm was unjustified. He appealed to the government to urgently withdraw this decision and if necessary, a same policy may be adopted for the whole country without any discrimination.

Kamran Abbasi, President, Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders said that all traders of the federal capital have rejected the government decision to close shops by 8:00 pm.

He said that a Committee of traders under the chair of Abdul Rauf Chairman Founder Group should be formed to negotiate with the government and stressed that government should respect the consensus decision and refrain from imposing unilateral decisions.

He said government should make such decisions in consultation with business community to save the economy from further losses.

Ajmal Baloch, President, All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tijaran said that business community of Islamabad was already suffering due to Metro Bus project and early closure of shops would further damage business activities. Kashif Chaudhry, President Anjuman-e-Tajiran Islamabad said all traders of the federal capital were united against this decision of the government and if shops were closed forcefully, they would launch shutter down movement.

Iftikhar Shahzada President G-8 Markaz, Raj Abbasi President G-9 Markaz, Nadeem Mansoor President Blue Area, Zahid Qureshi Secretary General I-8 Markaz, Khurram Sharif Secretary General PWD, Malik Zaheer President Aabpara Market, Ch. Zahid Secretary General G-11 Markaz, and many other leaders also spoke at the occasion and called upon the government for early withdrawal of its decision for early closure of shops as it will go against the interests of business and economy. DNA

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