Traders call for early completion of Metro Bus Project

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of Traders Welfare Association, G-9/4 Market (Peshawar More), Islamabad led by its President Haji Nisar Langa visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and called for early completion of Metro Bus project as due to this project, all major roads to Peshawar More Market were closed causing huge business losses to the trading community of the area.

Addressing the delegation, Muzzamil Hussain Sabri, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the Peshawar More market was the 2nd oldest market of Islamabad and CDA should pay priority attention to address its issues. He said ICCI has developed good liaison with CDA, FBR, SNGPL, local administration & police and market unions should share their concerns with the Chamber so that their issues could be taken up with relevant departments. He stressed upon the need of good working relations and close liaison between Chamber and market unions that would help in early redress of traders’ key issues.

Abdul Rauf Alam, Chairman Founder Group said that traders and industrialists of the Federal Capital were facing many issues. However, he stressed that the whole business community of Islamabad should develop strong unity and get together at a single platform for better protection of their business interests. He said business community should rise above personal interests and adopt collective approach for resolution of their problems.

Speaking at the occasion, Haji Nisar Langa, President, G-9/4 Market said that due to ongoing construction of Metro Bus track, all major roads to Peshawar More Market were closed. This situation was causing huge business losses to the traders as customers were facing difficulty in accessing this important business center. He urged that Metro Bus project should be completed as early as possible to save traders of the area from further losses.

He said the broken roads & footpaths and overflowing sewerage lines in Peshawar More market have created additional problems. He said CDA was planning to demolish a 36 years old Masjid in Peshawar More which was not a wise move as the Masjid was constructed on self-finance basis by the residents of the area. He called upon the CDA to focus on development of Peshawar More market on modern lines as it was serving a large base of customers and playing important role in promoting business activities in the federal capital.

Mian Akram Farid, Vice President FPCCI, Ajmal Baloch Traders Leader and Dr. Tehzeeb Secretary General TWA G-9/4 also spoke at the occasion and called for early redress of highlighted issues. Muhammad Ashfaq Hussain Chatha, Vice President ICCI in his vote of thanks assured that ICCI would fully cooperate with TWA G-9/4 for resolution of their issues.


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