Top Media house playing in the hands of Jehangir Siddiqi: Aqeel Karim Dhedi

February 11, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Business tycoon  Aqeel Kareem Dhedhi on Tuesday said that one of the top media houses of the country was playing in the hands of a stock broker and is spreading misleading rumors.

Dawn has been sold to the stock broker (Jehangir Siddiqi), it is very unfortunate, Dhedi told CEO Roze Tv and Editor-in Chief, Pakistan Group of Newspapers, Sardar Khan Niazi.

Responding to allegations against him, dhedi said the land was auctioned by Privatization Commission and it belonged to Commodity exchange which has 500 employees. He alleged that conspiracy against him was hatched and everybody in the country knows what relations Jehangir Siddiqi has with the owners of Dawn newspaper.

He lamented that it is very unfortunate that the newspaper founded by Quid-i-Azam has been propagating news against Pakistan.

He urged Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan to probe allegations against Ali Jahangir Siddiqui,

It was revealed that Ali was sacked from the stock exchange on allegations of irregularities but government appointed him ambassador-at-large for investment.

They have deep connections, whenever someone question Siddiqi the institutions of the country jump in to save him, he said. Dhedi insisted that Ali was not appointed by Prime Minister but he came from some other side. It was revealed that SECP dumped the investigations against Siddiqi, mysteriously.

Host and analyst Sradra Khan Niazi said that Prime Minister is worried about the economic crisis, and is trying hard to find a long term map to defeat inflation.

Dhedi said nation should be thankful to Imran Khan. He said Prime Minister has steel nerves and it is only Imran Khan who can make tough decisions and pull country out of crisis.

He said if sugar and wheat prices have been increased, farmer is beneficiary. He however, advised to provide subsidized commodities to urban class.

We have to repay loans, in the meantime we have to get rid of subsidy, this tough time will be over soon, he said.

When Niazi asked about the opposition protest in National Assembly on Tuesday Dhedi said, agitation against government will weaken the country and would worsen the prevailing economic crisis.

He said government strengthened money. He said government should be given time to make decisions, country is heading in the right direction, Dhedi said.