Tolerance, accountability vital to end political turmoil

PML-N ministers are hoping that the prevailing political crises would soon be resolved as the teams constituted by the government to hold talks with PAT and PTI, are claiming that soon they would give good news to the nation. Government has conveyed a message to Dr Qadri through Khawaja Sadd Rafiue that it is ready to punish the culprits of Model Town. But the PAT chief remained stick to his demand arguing that he does not trust on the sitting government but first the government must resign, punish the culprits of Model Town. He also told the minister that his party wants to resolve issues through dialogue. In the same time PAT chief again told the rulers that he would not rest until the fulfillment of his demands. Dr Qadri keeps telling those quarters who are trying to defuse the tension that his activists would remain peaceful and would not resort to any violence. Thus again leaving no space for the government to continue dialogue. He is not ready to forgive the perpetrators of Model Town carnage. PAT chief seems in no mood to accept any offer made by the government thus there seems no end to sit-ins on the part of PAT

While PTI chief Imran Khan also sticking to his six demands and threatened to launch country-wide wheel jam strike if the Prime Minister did not resign. Earlier the PTI showed flexibility in its stance by offering PM Nawaz Sharif to take 30 days vacations. Imran Khan also exerting pressure on the government by retreating that he would not back off from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resignation’s demand. He has been asking government to remove each and every container which according to him has been placed to bar entry of his party activists and supporters in Islamabad. Imran Khan like PAT chief Dr Qadri, did not close the doors for dialogues but keep pressing hard for the acceptance of demands.
PTI chief also reminded the PPP co-chairperson that after the 3013 polls, he ( Asif Ali Zardari) told him that the polls were rigged by the returning officers and he can not understand as to why he is defending the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

On government side, it has told both the protesting parties that the Prime Minister will not resign at any cost arguing that the demand in totally undemocratic and unconstitutional. Government has also expressed its dismay over the appeal made by the PTI chief to all Pakistanis to take their money out of the tax system from Monday onwards. According to government Imran Khan’s proposal to overseas Pakistanis for sending foreign remittances through illegal means like ‘Hundi’ and ‘Hawala’ were violation of national and international rules whi8le terming the   civil disobedience call an attempt to create anarchy and chaos in the country While federal minister, Ahsan Iqbal on one side hoping that government’s dialogue with PTI and PAT would succeed and the prevailing political crisis would end within couple of days while on the other side he has told that resignation from PM Nawaz Sharif was being sought by the PTI and PAT on personal grounds.
The government keeps showing flexibility on its part and want to end the confrontation expecting that hopefully come to an end through dialogues within one or two days.

The traders’ community also seems upset from the ongoing confrontation, blaming both the protesting parties for bringing the business activities to standstill. According to report national economy had been suffering badly for the last one month. It is high time for all political parties, especially the opposition, to resolve political issues and differences strictly in accordance with democratic values by holding parleys in the larger national interest.Political observers seeing no end to the ongoing confrontation between the government and PTI as well PAT leadership as both Dr Qadri and Imran Khan have told the government in loud and clear words that they would not leave the federal capital till the PM resignation.

Though it is the right of any individual or group to hold peaceful demonstrations to express their concerns but the current political must needs to be resolved. The ruling party ready to flex its muscles today while those parties which are not part of the government are also gearing up to hold rally to demonstrate their street power too.This is a dangerous trend . Keeping in view the ongoing operation Zarb Azab and unprovoked firing by the Indian forces along LoC, the politicians need to demonstrate maximum tolerance and must resolve the political confrontation by holding dialogues keeping their ego aside.


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