Today is the final match: Imran warns PM

ISLAMABAD (Agencies) : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan has said that it was the final match Thursday.

Addressing the anti-government protesters in Islamabad, Khan said Nawaz should step down till the commission completes its investigation over election rigging. Cricketer-turned politician said he will disclose his future course of action in evening.

He said case will be filed against Shahbaz Sharif in Model Town incident, adding that the Sharif brothers were taking Pakistan into crisis. He said all those involved in the election rigging should be tried under Article 6 for stealing people’s mandate.

Imran said Nawaz has decided not to step down, adding that he is mistaken that the PTI will go back without getting their demands fulfilled. He said the nation will not leave him alone while asked the people to join the protest.

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