Time is running out to resolve political crisis: Babar Ghauri

KARACHI, Aug 26 (INP): Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Babar Ghauri on Tuesday said time was running out for the resolution of a political deadlock, adding that his party’s priority was to save the state.

“The system can be salvaged if the state is saved,” Ghauri said addressing the press in Karachi.

He said quid pro quo was the way to go in this situation, adding that the deadlock will not end without flexibility.

The MQM leader also spoke about the Model Town tragedy, saying a proper FIR should have been registered and with the right action taken, things would not have come to a head as they now have.

“We do not see flexibility from either side…but we are trying to work out the situation,” Ghauri said.

He said MQM leaders were holding meetings with a number of politicians with the objective of finding a way where all parties engage and dispense fairly.

Ghauri said MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s statement of late Monday was a policy statement, adding that PTI should also try to resolve the issues through talks.

Ghauri said the allegations of former election commission official Afzal Khan should also be investigated, adding that democracy can only work if we have a democratic attitude towards our opponents.

It will be wise for the government to take a step back in order to save the country, the MQM leader said, adding that if Qadri’s deadline of tomorrow night passes without any changes, things are likely to quickly deteriorate.

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