Three gangsters killed in Rangers encounter

KARACHI, Nov 20 (INP): At least three gangsters including two of them Lyari gang war culprits were shot dead in different parts of the city in an encounter with law enforcers.

A criminal was gunned down in Gulshan-e-Buner in an encounter with Rangers personnel in wee hours of Thursday.

In another action, Rangers also launched a targeted operation in Lyari’s area Kalakot and killed a gang war criminal in an exchange of fire. The deceased culprit was identified as Irfan alias Kalu.

According to Rangers spokesman, the slain criminal was involved in target killing, extortion and abduction for ransom.

He was wanted for more than 40 counts of violent crimes like manslaughter, assault, aggravated assault, kidnapping, armed robberies, extortion, possession of illegal arms, etc.”, a Rangers spokesman said.

According to paramilitary troops, the suspect was allegedly affiliated with Baba Ladla Group, a ruthless gang of criminals based in the seedy slums of Lyari.

Despite dozens of crackdowns, the gang war related violence, which has so far claimed hundreds of lives, continues to thrive in Lyari.

Similarly, in another encounter in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, another gang war criminal was shot dead. Police said the criminal Owais aka Teku was involved in various robberies.

Meanwhile, Rangers Special Task Force nabbed three extortionists from New Karachi area on late Wednesday. They said that one of the arrested extortionists belonged to a religious organization and looted money was also recovered from his possession.


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