‘This is the beginning of a new Pakistan,’ Imran reacts to verdict in Avenfield case

July 6, 2018

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said, “This is the beginning of a new Pakistan.”  His comments came after the accountability court in Islamabad sentenced ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam and son-in-law retired Captain Safdar to 10, seven and one year in jail, respectively. He expressed these views while addressing a big public gathering at Timergara in Lower Dir District.

Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan said around 22 years ago he started struggle against corruption and will continue the same after coming into power.

Khan pledged to make investment on development of human resource of the country to alleviate poverty, generate employment opportunity and improve the living standard of people after coming into power.

Spelling out his priorities, PTI chief said that nations who achieved height of progress and development was due to investment on human resources by imparting quality education especially vocational training and technical skills to their youth.

Nations make progress through education and instead of constructing roads and launching of mega projects, he added. “If a labour is equipped with proper technical education, he can earn thousands in a day which an ordinary worker earns in months. Similarly, if we made investment on youth and make engineers, they can earn millions and can immensely contribute in the development of the country.”

“We need well educated work force including engineers, doctors, scientists, architects to contribute in the process of national development and these objectives can only be achieved by making huge investment on human resource development, education and skill training.”

PTI Chairman cited the example of Singapore that according to him made progress because of making huge investment on education and vocational training. Imran Khan said around five decades ago, the annual per capita income of Pakistan and Singapore was same at around dollar 300. Whereas now, he continued, today Pakistan average per capita annual income is dollar 1500 whereas Singapore average annual income swelled to around dollar 50,000.

The industrial production of Pakistan, Imran went on to say, was equal to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand about 50 years ago while our export was more than these countries whereas, now our industrial production and export have declined due to menace of corruption while these countries moved upward because of long term proper planning and transparent utilization of resources.

Imran said Allah Almighty has bestowed Pakistan with all kind of resources but our bad luck is lack of honest political leadership.

Those who ruled Pakistan become richer while the country and its people become poorer because of massive corruption and misuse of public money, he added.

He made a pledge that if voted to power, he will eliminate corruption and would make corrupt elements an example for others. Focus would be made on strengthening of institutions, provision of civic facilities, proper health system and massive investment on education.

PTI Chairman said direct foreign investment come into the country only when financial transparency and just utilization exists.

While referring to past government performance in KP, Imran Khan claimed that KP police and Local government system is best from all the other provinces. In this regard, he also threw a challenge of holding any kind of survey for evaluating performance of his government in KP in the field of education, health, police, revenue and LG.

He said for the first time poor people were given consideration who can now getting treatment for different ailment in any hospital to the tune of Rs. 5,50,000. He said all required resources were provided to public sector schools in KP besides improving the condition of hospitals in the province.

He also make of mention of planting 1.18 billion trees in KP and termed it a significant step forward to combat global issues of climate change and desertification besides arresting the chronic issues of environmental degradation and water shortfall. He vowed of planting 10 billion trees in the country after winning 2018 election.

Coming hard on political opponents, Imran Khan said that the recent rainfall in Lahore has exposed the performance of Shehbaz Sharif government who ruled Punjab for the last ten years continuously. NNI