Think profoundly before you trust rulers: Qadri tells Imran

QadriHOUSTON, Nov 15 (INP):PAT chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that Imran Khan should trust the shrewd, cunning and deceptive rulers only after thinking profoundly. He said that it is a matter of routine for these rulers to set up judicial commissions and then refuse to accept their recommendations.

Dr Qadri expressed these views while addressing the Pakistani community on the last day of three-day Convention in the American state of Texas.

He said that these rulers do not have any credibility, adding it was for this reason that PAT decided to wrap up Islamabad sit-on on its own and convert it into a countrywide movement instead of trusting the rulers.

He said that he would force the rulers to submit themselves to law, justice and constitution through public pressure now.

He said that the poisonous gas shelled by the police on the night of August 30 and 31, thousands of workers including himself were so affected by it that they have not been able to come out of its poisonous effects so far.

He said that he did not care about the sufferings and difficulties strewn in the way of revolution, adding that there is nothing that can stop him from achieving the destination of revolution in Pakistan.

Dr Qadri recalled that during the Islamabad Long March in January 2013, the rulers also signed a written agreement regarding electoral reforms, implementation of the Constitution in letter and spirit and protection of fundamental human rights but backed away soon.

He said that keeping this precedent in view, he has adopted the strategy of not believing in any undertaking or commitment of the rulers and have presented his case in the court of the people.

He said that PAT’s struggle is aimed at gifting every Pakistani irrespective of whether he lives abroad or inside a country that is peaceful and where law holds sway.

He said the PAT would give ‘right to vote’ to overseas Pakistanis.

He said that overseas Pakistanis have always risen to occasion and have been in forefront in efforts to help their fellow countrymen, be it earthquake, flood or other disasters. INP

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