The way forward

The fact is not denying that the terrorism has literally eviscerated our homeland. Now, we have only way left to steer this country out of the woods. With this acknowledgement of the grim situation at home, there come some crunch questions to fore.

  1. Are we Nation State? Do we really understand the requirements of a Nation State?
  2. Can we ask at least two brother Islamic countries to stop washing their dirty liner in our courtyard?
  3. Are we willing to revisit our Madrasa education system and its syllabus downward on purely Islamic foundation and traditions? Can we ask our Madaris to teach the children on Islamic teachings and ideology and not on sectarian basis?
  4. Is there any intellectual exercise in the country to determine whether terrorism in an administrtrative terrorism crisis or it is an ideological crisis as well? And if it is an ideological crisis what are the ways to overcome their crisis?
  5. Where is the Parliament? In a democratic form of governance it is parliament that plays a decisive role is shaping the policy of the Nation. Amidst this crisis of terror there stirs a crunch question: Where is the Parliament? The matter has been placed in all parties conference by the Prime Minister but the question is: Can APC be an adequate alternate to a vibrant parliament?  Ask anyone on the streets and you get the answer. It has been a mantra of the political coterie that the democratic forces have never been allowed to decide and shape the foreign policy. This is the time for the democratic forces to show their mettle. If they have the acumen to lead the nation they must rise to the occasion. If they desire, they should also prove that they deserve. In all developed countries of the world foreign policies are formulated by the democratic forces and entire nation follows.
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