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After all the hue and cry of horse-trading prior to the Senate elections on Thursday Raza Rabbani of PPP took oath as Senate Chairman and Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUI-F took oath as Senate Deputy Chairman.

Raza Rabbani Senate Chairman while addressing to the Senate thanked various senators for their support. He also thanked the opposition and government leaders for coming to a consensus and selecting him as Chairman of the senate.

It is a good omen that Senate chairperson has been finalized with the political consensus of two major political parties along with other allied parties. It was an interesting scenario in which political parties contested Senate polls by accusing each other for horse-trading and they ended up with a mutual candidate for the post of Chairman. The Senate is a key component of our parliament. A dignified, undisputed election of a chairperson should be applauded even more. If all major parties are truly able to work together, it will set up a more stable democracy and developing the parliamentary traditions that have too often been lacking.

The main aim for the creation of the Senate of Pakistan was to give equal representation to all the federating units since the membership of the National Assembly was based on the population of each province. Leaders of major political parties should also consider giving the slot of Chairman Senate to a member from provinces with less representation. But more focus should be to provide more power to the upper house of the Parliament for the welfare of the masses. Equal provincial membership in the Senate, thus, balances the provincial inequality in the National Assembly.

Raza Rabbani have said that he would perform the duties of Chairman Senate beyond the party affiliations, it is very well said but as they say actions speak lauder than words, he has to make Senate more powerful institution to redress grievances of the people.

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