The Verdict Awaited

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali referred a set of challenges to the 18th and the 21st amendments to Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk to be considered by a 17-judge full-court. When constituted, the larger bench of the Supreme Court will jointly hear and decide petitions challenging the appointment procedure of judges of superior courts and the establishment of military courts to try terrorists.

The petition against the 18th amendment was filled back in 2010 by Sardar Khan Niazi, Chief Editor of Pakistan Group of Newspaper. The Chief Editor of Pakistan Group of Newspaper had pressed for a detailed judgment of the petition, however no detailed judgment was given by the Supreme Court and it was sent back to the Parliament.

The petition was very important as a detailed judgment by the Supreme Court would have laid out clear guidelines for future change in the structure of the assembly and the constitution. Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Sardar Khan Niazi has always stood up for the integrity of the country and sanctity of Islam.

We believe that a detailed judgment on the 18th amendment petition is vital for future legislation as it will lay out a clear framework. By referring the 18th amendment petitions to the 17-judge full-court and linking the hearing of petitions regarding the 21st amendment to a resolution and judgment on 18th amendment petitions first the three judge bench has upheld the point of view of Pakistan Group of Newspapers.

We believe that with a detailed judgment will help strengthen the democratic structure in Pakistan and will ensure that all future legislations are within the limits prescribed by Islam and will be done keeping in mind the integrity of Pakistan. We have always stood for what is best for Pakistan and the decision by the court regarding the hearing of the petitions has further strengthened our resolve. We hope that the petitions will be heard and a long overdue detailed judgment will finally be given.

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