The sorry state of affairs in state institutions

The state of affairs of government departments have become a nuisance for the masses as the bigwigs are busy in watching the ongoing political crisis thus leaving the public at the mercy of circumstances. There seems no check on any of the institutions who are supposed to serve the masses. Be it overcharging issue or sale of unhygienic items or provision of medical treatment at allied hospitals, nobody is playing by the book. From utility stores, distributors, shopkeepers, food inspectors, health department officials, the corruption has become order of the day. The food items and other commodities are being sold on higher prices at the utility stores which can be evident from the facts that most of the private shopping malls are selling same items on cheap prices. The profiteers, hoarders are left free to pile up stock with an aim to earn profit. Most of the time items of daily use are not available at the utility stores as the local shoppers after buying most of the stock from utility stores, are selling it on higher prices. The quality of food items are also not up to the mark .The food inspectors are playing the role of silent spectators.

So far none of the distributors, shopkeepers have been booked or fined for selling unhealthy food items on higher prices. The government hospitals have also become a source of nuisance for the general public. The patients living in any city of the Punjab province have to face numerous problems to get the proper treatment. Senior doctors have left the patient at the mercy of junior doctors who do not bother to feel the pain of the patients. Medicines at allied hospitals remained out of stock especially the life saving drugs. The patients who are supposed to get free of cost medicines are being told by the doctors or hospitals’ staff to buy the same from medical stores. In most of the allied hospitals the concerned doctor or staff write down the names of the medicines on a simple paper and even instruct the patients or their relatives to get the same from a “special store”.

It has been reported numerous times that the allied hospitals’ staff with the connivance of their seniors, get ‘ commission’ at the end of the day by the medical store where they send the relatives to buy medicines. The MRI, CT scan, dialyses machines in allied hospitals in the twin cities lying dysfunctional for a long period. If someone luckily finds such machines in any allied hospital, he has to pay extra amount to the tune of Rs 3000 to 6000 against the rates fixed by the provincial Health Department. One can easily witnessed over dozen patients all the time waiting for their turns to get dialyses. The patients sometime have to wait two to three days for the very purpose due to the prevailing corruption in the allied hospitals. The dialyses patients along with their relatives including kids are either compelled to stay in the vicinity of the hospital or leave for home despite getting the chit mentioning the date and time of their treatment. It is hard but easy for the people living in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to go to home and come next day but the patients who come from far flung areas have no choice but to stay in the hospital’s corridors or sleep on the grasses in the lawn of the hospital. The allied hospitals administration provides the treatment to the person of their own choice or those who grease their palms in order to get the job done. There are also complaints that patients are being charged Rs 300 to four hundred for X-rays which they are supposed to get free of cost what to say about the provision of medicines. The state of affairs of Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital generally known as Centre Hospital, CDA Hospital, Polyclinic and PIMS has gone from bad to worst. People who have to give blood for their loved ones are forced to buy blood bags from the medical stores. Even those people who wanted to donate blood are also compelled to buy the same from medical stores as most of the times they are being told by the concerned staff that they have ran out of blood bags. There is no proper check on the sale and purchase departments of the allied hospitals. The women folks and their relatives are the major victims of the corruption infested maternity departments. Before the delivery process, the patient’s relatives at the eleventh hour are informed to arrange blood and no receipt is issued to the donors. The government has to take notice of severe irregularities and must hold accountable to those who failed to deliver. The corruption infested allied hospitals need to be purged from black sheep who are earning money by stealing medicines, blood of the masses.



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