The road to peace

Currently Pakistan is facing number of challenges, but lack of peace seems the root cause of all the ills of our society.  There is dire need to develop the positive and visionary attitude towards the issues to bring the eternal peace in the country.

Lack of peace and lawlessness are major hurdles in the way of progress of country. It is evident that foreign investment is purely linked with the peaceful environment, no matter what foreign investors would not be attracted to invest in our country until they are provided with the assurances of peaceful circumstances.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed that the government was committed to bring peace to Pakistan at all costs and vowed that the war will continue till the elimination of the last terrorist. We are fighting war against the monster of the terror but extremism from society should also be eliminated to achieve the eternal peace.  Any exercise in banning extremist organisations would be of cosmetic value unless there are legal provisions to deal with the dilemma. No leader must be allowed to spread the message of hatred in the name of ideology. It is tragic that banned outfits are working after changing their names. There must be strict observation on foreign funding that is being used to spread chaos inside our country.

Parliament, Senate and democracy would be of no value if security and peace is not provided to the people. It is a dilemma that our leaders usually deal issues with rhetoric. Hollow slogans would not do the job.  We need to have another look at the internal and external factors contributing to destabilize peace. It is crucial time that we start changing our policies for good of the people not to just stay in power. Politicians, media organizations, educational institutions and clerics must spread the message of tolerance and patience to achieve the long lasting peace.

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