The paradox of floods in Pakistan

Every year Pakistan experiences loss of precious lives, standing crops and damages to property on large scale due to the floods. Despite the colossal damages to national economy, unfortunately no concrete measures have been taken by the concerned quarters. Masses are once again left on the mercy the dilemma is not recent in fact decades have passed and still casualties are sustained. There was no permanent solution by this government or the previous one. The next government is still having the opportunity to do something that might better the people of Pakistan. Political scenario of Pakistan restricts the vision that could safeguard the people before actual destruction is experienced. People die and the governments try to reimburse the lives with minute amounts of financial assistance. The impact of the floods destroys lives and affects the whole nation reason being the destruction of the prime lands used for agriculture. The backbone of Pakistani revenue is the agricultural lands that are submerged under water today.

It is nothing less than sad, that the policy makers have no interest on the physical destructions even the floods of 2010’s effected still have to be paid for their losses. Yet the government promises again that the people will be reimbursed but for what betterment. This cycle goes on for decades still there is no probability of the future endeavors to provide safety for the areas that are in danger. The precautionary measures have failed completely again and again, still it is expected that the same precautionary steps will provide a decent warning time. It becomes very much horrifying that the same things will be kept in consideration and the management will be waiting idly for the next devastation.

Everyone seems to blame India as the entity who did not hold on their commitment on providing ample time for the people of Pakistan to brace themselves before they spill their extra water resources. Can any one answer that when India has given an official warning for the people of Pakistan that they could save themselves from the hatred of Indian anti Pakistan elements? If the government of Pakistan still believes that India can be an entity that would genuinely try to safeguard Pakistan they should learn history once again. All the past endeavors of India in Pakistan did not show any sign of compassion or unity as a nation for the whole region of Asia.

There are many possible scenarios that India has many benefits in case of Pakistan’s destruction. The old rivalry is not being slowed down in fact there are many new strategies by the Hindu extremists that openly debate that Pakistan should not be existing on the world map. Still India has the right to point fingers on our religious scholars who advocated peace as the core function of their religion called Islam. Dual personality India was identified long ago still our politicians think that India deserves another chance for friendship. The fact that India has no other way to discharge the water, Pakistan has this problem as a blessing in disguise. It is the concept of vision that how a problem can be turned in to something useful.

Millions of cusec of water has been flowing throughout Pakistan. Destroying everything that comes in its trajectory, if there were reservoirs or dams present at the ancient flood roots this flood could be turned into a power shortage solution. The concept of strategic planning has this phenomenon that the dedicated people would find the perfect scenarios from the worst of situations. Nations move forward this way, they grow this way, and they survive this way. Pakistan unfortunately, badly neglects this prospect and to further dismay the politicians seem to save their rule and everything else gets secondary.

The emergency movement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to flood effected regions is just like salt applied over fresh wounds. People are unable to survive still somehow they manage to make a stage for the speeches. Still people forget everything just to see the face of their nation’s leaders. It is almost hurtful that the loyalty of the poor cares not of life or death; leaders however need sanitizers for doubt of excessive germs that might make them sick. This gigantic difference in the thinking patterns must be reduced eventually or the nation will lose its integrity.

Media seems to follow the governments’ teams on the affected areas; it was witnessed that as the teams would leave all the measures taken for relief would also leave. The massive floods are the chance for the nation to gather at one stage of unity and perseverance. This is the necessity rather than a commodity for Pakistan as of now. Our nation has been in emergency from the past five decades, this emergency is not forced but felt by the people of this historically rich and futuristically exemplary nation called Pakistan its safety is every citizen’s foremost duty.



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