The guardians of civilizations

June 6, 2018

By: Prof. Aftab Amber

The universality of Islam has set the best place of honor for a teacher, the Holy Prophet [PBUH] being the grand teacher of the highest moralities is a grand example for the teachers of today. Mola Ali [A.S] said; a person who teaches a single letter is your master, means is your teacher. When the greatest religion Islam is giving teacher a grand place to a teacher then there should be no issue to accept this reality. Once Sheikh Sadi [R.A] stood among the crowd to give a gesture of an honor to a Negro, someone amongst the crowd asked why did he do this, Sheikh Sadi uttered thy the Blackman is HIS teacher who taught Sadi[R.A]about the dog’s trait of growing up. The single information about the dog made Sadi [R.A] to acknowledge that man his teacher. We have many examples of regard of teachers around us, but unfortunately our society does not accept the true place of a teacher from the core of his heart. We cannot go up ward and fall of the nation’s starts in a very odd way. The west civilizations are at the highest pedestal of the morality because that society owns its teachers. The due and proper respect of a teacher seems in the west. In our society teacher is statue of merci and pity. What a bad gesture of the sick nation is heralding;’ come to the manners. After all a teacher is man of respect and protocole. There are some drawbacks even at the part of some teachers who can be held responsible of their disrespect.

RUSSEL places the teacher a guardian of a civilization. This view of the great philosopher is a very significant for the role of a teacher for the society. No doubt a teacher is a torch, a reformer, and a trend setter for the human beings. The Holy Prophet [PBUH] Being the greatest teacher set the best examples for the human beings. We can follow the teachings for our best of lives. Pain and pang of our modern age is aggravating to the the contrary dimensions. It is a dark aspect of our society that teacher is losing his due status. The most important pillar of the nation is a teacher, if the pillar is not considered the cemented one then how a strong building can be in its good existence. There are some factors behind it. Teacher of today has failed to prove his worth, the originality of his intellect and his practical wisdom. A competent teacher is nucleus for its society, a beating heart for the body of a society.

A teacher having command over his subject wins respect and status. He can be a mentor for his followers. This perfect role model is regarded the best and respectable member of a society. When we see that why a teacher is losing respect, we see in our surroundings that there has been no distance between a teacher and a student, the students of today have developed a frankness level and have crossed limitations; this drawback is the first factor which has made the word teacher a shameful. There should be a good level of understanding between a teacher and a student. It is said that a nation that ignores his teachers destroys its place and identity.

Now there is no distance level between a student and teacher now-days, teacher must take care of the level of respect. There are blunders from the both sides; there is a great need to mend the ways to keep the moral of a society. Aristotle said; Teachers who educate children deserve more honor than parents, who merely gave them birth for the latter provided mere life while the former ensure a good life. A teacher is a better than two books, it is a German proverb. Teacher is not only a guardian; he is the spiritual father of the nation. A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Our society has the old good lot of the teachers, which is a mark of the pride, my salute to that good lot of the teachers. I am enjoying my social status because of my all teachers, and the great teacher who played a big role in my life Is Mr. Assad Jafri, I salute him. He is the guardian of many other students.

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