The dilemma of flood affectees and political impass

The flood continued playing havoc in Punjan and Azad Kashmir. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless due to mud sliding and caused by heavy floods. Section 144 has been imposed in Multan as the floodwater is heading towards the city and likely to hit by Tuesday. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Monday took aerial view to assess the damages and assured the flood affectees that it is the responsibility of the state and the government to look after the needs and hardships of flood victims and government would meet the requirements of people affected by the torrential rains and floods for relief and rehabilitation.He said mass scale destruction took place due to heavy floods and torrential rains in Azad Kashmir and Punjab. He prayed to Almighty Allah for protecting Sindh from destructions of floods.The prime minister said destruction took place because Pakistan received water beyond its capacity. He said people in Punjab are also facing hardships. He said every nook and corner of the country is beloved to him and he will reach everywhere to mitigate the sufferings of his countrymen. During his visit to Azad Kashmir, he assured Sardar Yaoob, President AJK all out support to deal with the natural calamity. Sardar Yaqoob gave detailed briefing to the PM about the loses inflicted by the torrential rains that caused heavy flood. He also rejected the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s offer for helping the affectees. 200 deaths have been confirmed by the National Disaster Management Authority. Pakistan army is actively taking part in rescue and relief operation and shifted over 4000 people to safer places. Rescue 1122 teams are also assisting the people. The floods have destroyed standing crops.

The Indian government is being held responsible for making the situation from bad to worst by releasing the floodwater without giving proper time to the Pakistani officials to take precautionary measures which could have save the lives of hundreds of people. There are reports that over 500 people are still missing and there are no signs whether they are alive or not.

It is also a matter of great concern that the lethargic attitude on the part of those sitting on the helm of affairs, failed to devise effective strategy to deal with the natural calamity and the criminal role on the part of India for releasing floodwater without giving notice in advance. It seems that the concerned quarters haven’t learnt any lesson from the past.This is very unfortunate that no concrete measures or any significant move was made to avert the loss of precious lives, standing crops and livestock by the provincial government. There were reports that the officials of the concerned ministry neglected the maintenance of the protective gates and failed to reinforce them from time to time. No repair work have been carried out for the last many years and authority only comes into action after the calamity strikes due heavy flow of floods either caused by heavy torrential rains or the water released by the Indian authorities to save their lands at the cost of innocent Pakistanis lives and economy.

First it were the internally displaced people and now the people who lost their loved ones, houses, livestock and crops which were the only source of earning bread and butter, are in dire need of help for their survival. Gastro and water-related diseases are also being feared. Dengue has resurfaced again as so far over dozens of people including kinds have been admitted at different hospitals in Lahore. The health ministry must take preventive measures to minimize the damage to life and property.

The situation is very disturbing as the country’s economy once again reached at the verge of collapse.According to observers, the relief and reconstruction efforts will require around $ 1.5 to $ 2 billion. But it must be ensured that the funds utilize to get the job done with dedication and honesty. Instead of relying on world community, Pakistan has to use arrange funds domestically and it can be done by forging unity among the ranks of all the segments of society.

While on political arena, stakes are high as the 12th rounds of talks between the government and protesting parties failed to end deadlock. The government is accusing the protestors for harming the system and claiming that all demands have been accepted but the demands seeking PM’s resignation will not be acceptable at any cost. But the protesting parties are not ready to step back. The government and protesting parties have to show more flexibility by putting aside personal ego and let the democracy nourish for the sake of common man and improving country’s image which has badly tarnished due to the ongoing political crisis.



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