The corner of chaos

April 13, 2018

By Prof. Aftab Amber

When a chaotic situation prevails in a society then justice disappears quickly from society and a chaos exists to derail the system of society. Someone has said; Facts are all accidents. They all might have been different. They all may become different. They may collapse altogether. The same case with the society when we talk about chaos and confusion in society and every corner of lives seems de-shaped.

A Juggler wins over the heart of people by his tricky ways, but now juggling art seems powerful even in business in this society. It is the keen observation of mine that going to the hotels and restaurants is very common enjoyment of the people. Entering the gate smiling faces of the waiters trap the customers, the first attack of drinking water is done on the serving table and no other option remains at the part of customers, sane or innocent customers are charged the price of bottled water. It seems an imposed practice. The next step of order is observed by keenly. If the order of a heavy bill is given ,it is considered the attractive one, customers of pulse are treated as a third grade citizens of the country because no tip can be given, so it is marked a very poor incentive from a business point of view. Salad and raitas are sometimes brought without any desires, choice of cold drink is asked and it seems that it is a compulsory element of the food. Waiters roam about the tables to please their customers against the tip incentives. They keep an eye upon the whole procedures of swallowing the morsels, they are in hurry that when the one party finishes the swallowing and when the others come for the same practices, standard of food is not maintained, only bill and waiter incentive is considered prior by the hotels business community.

In Punjab an honest officer madam Ayesha Mumtaz dared to keep check and balance and she was placed in another corner. The evil doers and the looters went at their free will. There is no discrimination in haram and halal, we are the Muslims, and such practices have become our trade mark, we can’t blame Jewish and the others. Now the holy month is approaching and high rocketing prices will be charged during purchasing. In The West concessions and incentives are promoted for the Muslims in the Ramadan. What is this in which directions we are going? We are not following the teachings of Islam on the other hands the non-Muslims are doing well and they have adopted the virtue of Islam. There is a fault at our part at all. A mark of dishonesty has been labeled upon us. This is unrest in society, an ugly form of injustice and chaos.

Our lives now depend upon medicines, the most effective medicines disappear from market, particularly Panadol CF, Optalidon, Spasmocibilgin, and some others, such medicines are replaced by the different formulas or their names are changed. There may be some technical reasons of this shortage of medicines. We are being exploited from every corner. Prospect is often better than possession. The best part of our lives we pass is counting on what is to come, we develop expectations a lot being the members this society.

To keep the public happy is responsibility of the state, but we have to fight for our rights. We have to beg for our basics rights. People are dealt with the parameters of harsh technicalities. GOD is sustainer otherwise the morsels would have been snatched by the mighty hands from the mouths of people. There are some solutions of these problems, these are some suggestions. 1) Honest persons should be deputed in a form of short committee to keep check and balance but it should be done with the collaboration of government. 2) Government should encourage the honest well reputed persons to facilitate to open up their own centers. We should be GOD fearing because mighty GOD’S JUSTICE is being awaited.

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