The conundrum of PTI government

July 30, 2020

What is the actual issue PTI government is grappled with? 

Is it economy? Yes but No. on the one hand one can aptly say that the economic situation is worsening and government has so far failed to come up with a substantive solution. It has been felt that government actually lacks any financial policy. The haplessness of the government is visible from the fact that the Finance Minister of Zardari regime is there to steer the skipper of this economic crisis. What a comedy of error it is need no more discussion. But the crunch problem this government is grappled with is not economy; it is something else. 

We all know that economic situation cannot be moved towards betterment in just one or two years. Also evident is the fact that it is not Imran khan who has eviscerated the economy. What he has inherited was not a success story; that was a mess. It is unnatural to expect Imran do miracles.  Admittedly he has literally pushed it towards more troubles but the economy is not the crunch trouble this government is grappled with. It was never too good and it is not that bad. 

So is it the foreign policy? Again the answer is a big NO. There are certain problem of diplomatic front but diplomacy has earned some significant things in this era and we cant negate or sidestep those. One may say it is that good a policy to crow much about that but it cannot be stated that diplomacy of this government is a failure. 

Well then if it is the bad governance?  Again the answer is not in affirmative. There are some murky areas but it doesn’t mean all is not well in the government of Imran Khan. Despite having some real issues we cant say it is absolutely a bad governance.  

The major problem that has worsened every other thing and has literally added fuel to the fire is the attitude of the ruling coterie. The aggressive tone they are addicted to is their worst enemy. They must learn that it can go well while sitting on the opposition bench but aggression while being in the government is not something to be appreciated or even tolerated. The people are sick of this attitude. All other problems can be solved but if this last one is not solved nothing is solved. 

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