The Conundrum of PTI government

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By Asif Mehmood

What went wrong with PTI that despite having the dedication to steer the nation out of the woods it has so far failed to deliver substantively on any front? The question was but a conundrum and S.K Nizai has eviscerated the mess and placed the actual position before us. His write up in Daily Pakistan is something spot on.  

As per that write up the actual issue operating as a hurdle in the way of this government towards success is complete disregard of ground realities. One may opine it is ignorance of the government regarding the ground realities or one may opine that the government is too naïve to understand these realities but, in any case, the result is same: the government is far away from reality . It is twice removed from reality. 

You don’t need foreign qualified team to solve each and every issue. A foreign qualified person , if unaware of the ground realities , can bring no good to the nation. Steering a society towards prosperity is not a game of calculation; it is game of a know-how and vision. Know-how doesn’t come from a foreign degree; it comes from the understanding of the ground realities.  

Take any department and you will find the same problem. A lawyer is running the ministry of science and technology and this just one fine example of the good governance. There are so many other fine examples you all know well. The advisors with foreign degrees can only add more mess to the existing mess. They don’t know what is going on , on the surface.  

SK Niazi’s has elaborated how the government operates sans any understanding of the ground realities in the niche of media. But the media is just one chapter of this story. This fairy tale consists of many such chapters. Be it economy or administration everywhere the same formula is being applied. Sidestep the ground realities and go for the decision and you are destined to witness what you are witnessing today.  

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