The cold drink craze


Professor Aftab Amber

We have been enslaved in the bent of instincts. Instincts of hunger, thirst are very dominating. We seem weak in front of such instincts. But when we think of habits we say that habit is a second nature, it cannot be changed easily. Our lives and trends have been changed.
A Dutch proverb; Great desire obtains little can explain the notions in a very expressive way. Now our habits are our trends and trends are fashions.

Cold drinks being the part and parcels our events are now a fashion trend. Medically it has been proved that cold drinks are not good for our health.

When we take food, in our body the secretions of enzymes starts, and this secretion stops when cold drink enters the body then food cannot enrich our body. We see around us that this trend of taking the cold drinks has become very common in every age group in every event of our life.

It is another common saying; when the eye sees not, the heart craves not. We are the followers of speedy common trends in our society.

The youngsters seem very active having the cold drinks in their hands, even Tin pack cold drinks are considered the best one among our generation nowadays. Where are the traditional MASHROOB; of our east recommended and made by the old Hakeems and the old wise persons.

It was a gesture of pride at homes to serve such old traditional drinks to the guests as a vital energy.

Old is really gold; I know it very well that my readers have their own opinions, and these thoughts which have been penned down by me cannot change the mindset of the majority, but to some extent I am hopeful that an educated community will think on it honestly.

A diabetic person thinks such cold drinks a forbidden fruit for him, but an urge dominates upon us and we cannot control moods and we want to have a sip of it. Our health does not allow us to do so.

There is another myth exists that after taking a heavy food a bottle of a cold drink can save us from an acidity.

This is our self-created philosophy and it has been observed that people seem satisfied on this kind of medication.

I leave it to my valuable readers to opine, what they think, thanks a lot to all.

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