Tharparkar: arrest of food inspector a message for whom ?

One more child lost his lives at Umer Kot Civil Hospital on Wednesday bringing the death toll to 56 just within 44 days whereas the dearth-struck people of Chachru and Dhali continue to migrate. Finally awaking from deep slumber, the Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah held provincial cabinet meeting in drought-hit Tharparkar district area Mithi Wednesday while  dozens of enraged people staged protest demonstration outside the building were Qaim Ali Shah was being briefed about the state of affairs in Tharparkar. Despite repeated requests the protestors were not allowed to meet CM Sindh as they were seeking relief as well compensation. PPP Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari couple of months ago visited the famine-hit areas of Tharparkar and tasked Sharjeel Memon to devise a concrete plan to mitigate the suffering of the dwellers. Sharjeel Memon placed installation of water filtration plant besides providing wheat, medicines and potable water and sending a permanent team of doctors to save the precious lives. But due to mismanagement and criminal lethargy on the part of those sitting on the helm of affairs, Memon directives were never implemented in true letter and spirit. The doctors did come to check the people but they left the area within 24 hours claiming lack of basic healthcare facilities in the drought-hit areas. The medicines sent to Thar were expired, the wheat bags were mixed with sands and worst come worst the food inspector who brought the matter in the notice of higher authorities, have been arrested without mentioning any charges. The provincial government has completely failed to save the precious lives and had left the people in Tharparker to die.

From Karachi to Thar, people are dying every single day. It is matter of grave concern that terrorists are now targeting policemen who were important witnesses in the cases against target killers and their ‘masters’. The killing of policeman in Karachi a couple of days ago in grenade attack has proved the inefficiency of the provincial government to protect the lives of citizens. From the post of MS to the post of constable, most of the appointments are made on purely political basis. The recruitments of criminals, incompetent persons on important jobs are naked truth of the nepotism. The Karachi operation hasn’t brought the desired results as there seems no let up in the killing.

The PPP government after developing differences with the MQM is utilizing every resource to weaken the grip of MQM from Karachi and trying to get upper hand in entire Sindh. While the federal government is busy in politics of confrontation with the PTI. The Federal Minister for Interior Ch Nisar Ali Khan, who visited Karachi a couple of days ago, admitted the failure of provincial government in maintaining law and order situation in the country’s financial hub. But he did not blame the PPP or MQM leadership for the worsening law and order situation. Ironically, he did not even draw the attention of provincial government towards the sorry state of affairs in Tharparkar. The federal government should have come to the aid of the people of Tharparkar but it remained a silent spectator. From CM Qaim to any provincial minister none of them bothered to meet the interior minister. This clearly shows the change of hearts.

The PML-N on one hand striving hard to steer the country out of energy crisis, building metro bus system while on the other hand the rulers are fighting to save the system. There seems no let up in politics of confrontation between PML-N and PTI. Both parties are accusing each other for causing huge economic damages to country’s economy. The PTI is flexing muscles against the government by holding processions across the country. While rest of the parliamentary parties are watching entire episode silently perhaps waiting who is going to emerge victorious. Political, religious parties and civil society have failed to come to rescue the people of Thar. It is matter of grave concerns that over 1000 people mostly children have lost their lives during the last nine months but nobody took the matter seriously. The Sindh government appeared to be given free hand to do whatever it wanted to remain in power. The purpose of holding cabinet meeting in famine hit Thar was nothing but a mere eye wash. The CM Sindh along with his cabinet ministers, advisors came in luxurious cars and held meeting in closed room. They did not even bother to meet the famine hit people who were seeking compensation. So far, the

Sindh government has been unable to make adequate arrangements as all the relief initiatives are restricted to Mithi and far flung areas remain devoid of ample assistance as people continue to die of starvation. According to reports, the government has failed to fulfill its promise made by the CM in Sindh Assembly that Rs.0.2 million compensation will be provided to each victim family, instead, cheques of Rs.0.1 million were issued to the families.





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