Teachers directed to get verified educational certificates

ISLAMABAD, Sept 12 (DNA): Teachers of Grade-17 and above have been directed to get verified there educational certificates within three months.

Wafaqe Nizamat-e-Talimat has sent letters to principals of 422 educational institutions and directed them to verifiy the educational certificates of teachers of Grade-17 and above and sumbitted them within three months.

However, Higher Education Commission (HEC)’s authorities noted that the degrees’ verification process is slowed down because teachers are bounded to come in the morning time for verification which is difficult for them.

While some teachers told that the teachers who have been promoted from Grade-14 to 16 have also been bounded to get their educational certificates verified and their number is about 5000, adding that verification of educational certificates in a given time is not possible.

Sources said step for verification of educational certificates has been taken after suspicion of some persons’ induction in educational institutions on fake degrees.

It may be noted that earlier Wafaqe Nizamate-e-Talimat issued direction to principals of educational institutions to verify the educational certificates of teachers of Grad-17 and above within a month but the directions was not implemented. DNA

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