Target killer Bilal Chingari confesses to killing 28 people in Karachi

KARACHI:  A Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report in the matter of banned outfit’s operative Bilal alias Chingari has disclosed that the target killer confessed to have killed at least 28 people.

The investigation of the target killer arrested from New Karachi area has completed. The report states that Chingari’s group comprised of as many as 14 people. The Anti-Terrorism Department (ATD) arrested the criminal in 2013.

According to the report, the criminal carried out several communal target killings in different areas of the city. Most of his criminal operations were in central and west zone of Karachi. The leader of the group, Nadeem alias Manga had been arrested earlier.

However, an accomplice, Irfan is a fugitive on run in Dubai.


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