Tajik delegation discusses immediate import of wheat, sugar with Ishaq Dar

ISLAMABAD, Dec 23 (INP): A 5-member Tajikistan delegation led by Nurmahmad Akhmedov, Minister/Chairman Agency on State Material Reserves of Tajikistan, held a meeting with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, discussing matters on enhancement of bilateral trade relations, particularly immediate import of sugar and wheat from Pakistan. Nurmahmad Akhmedov also informed the Finance Minister that they had plans to import crude oil from Kuwait and avail refinery facilities of Pakistan before onward supply to Tajikistan.

Welcoming the delegation Ishaq Dar said the Tajik side could discuss modalities for wheat and sugar import with private sector trading companies/exporters. The government would provide all possible facilitation in this regard, he said, adding that the private exporters could export sugar or wheat with prior permission of the government.

The Finance Minister said that the proposal regarding use of Pakistan’s refineries by Tajikistan for refinement of crude oil could be duly considered. Ishaq Dar also on this occasion mentioned the CASA-1000 project and hoped for its speedy progress which would help resolve the energy issues of Pakistan.

Nurmahmad Akhmedov further said that Pakistan’s private sector companies were very active in Tajikistan and there were bright prospects of growth in trade and business linkages between the two countries. He said Tajikistan is a landlocked country which needs better connectivity in the region. Bulk of Tajikistan’s trade takes place through railways and partly by road through Afghanistan, Nurmahmad said and told the Finance Minister that Tajikistan looked to Pakistan for facilitation in transportation. Tajikistan also had plans to avail the facilities at Karachi and Gawadar Ports for trade, he said.

He added that Tajikistan has been purchasing wheat, fertilizer and sugar from Pakistan and wished to continue that in future. The Tajik Minister said that with the realization of the Pak-Afghan-Tajikistan transit trade agreement, trade between these countries and in the region would flourish.

Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar assured Mr. Nurmahmad Akhmedov of all possible support in the realm of furtherance of bilateral trade. He asked the Tajik Minister to send official proposal regarding import of wheat and sugar, stating all the requirements.

Prior to the start of discussion, the Tajik Minister and members of his delegation expressed heartfelt condolences over the tragic incident in Peshawar. Finance Minister, Isahq Dar thanked Nurmahmad Akhmedov and others members on this kind gesture.


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