Tackling smog

November 18, 2016


The thick blanket of smog in Lahore has faded away but has given a few lessons to weather department. Last week we could see the city of Lahore was choking with on smog. Smog causes health problems like difficulty in breathing, asthma, lung infections, cold, eye irritation etc. No one can freely walk in streets in open environment without wearing glasses and masks. The issue of smog not only affected Lahore but also some parts of India. Schools were closed down resultantly children could not go to school. In addition, many accidents occurred on motorway, due to dense smog. It is requested that government authorities should take immediate action to solve such issues. However, government seems to be taking the matter lightly. No instructions were given by Ministry of Health for safety of people.

I request the government to take the smog issue seriously in future to save the health of innocent children and people of our country.