Swat faces hours long load shedding

SWAT: With the change in weather to warm after the long spill of downpour in Swat, WAPD has also changed its policy of loadshedding as a replacement for the torrential rains.

Hours long loadshedding is being carried out on daily basis, without any time, schedule or season. Hence the power remains cut-off for most part of the day and night as well.

The unscheduled loadshedding and frequent power outages have created a lot of problems for the people of here. The massive blackouts are badly affecting the people in their domestic as well as commercial lives due to the fact that almost all the businesses are related to electricity.

Besides, electricity has become an urgent need for the very survival and everything is directly or indirectly linked with it.

So the power cut-offs are affecting the people everywhere, including their homes, markets, hospitals, offices, educational institutions, factories, mills and industries, the wheel of all come to a standstill without electricity.

The industrial sector is the hardest hit. In addition to the loadshedding, the factories and mills with heavy machinery do not reverberate by low voltage. As such the laborers have to sit idle, which disrupts economic growth as industries cannot operate for hours on generators.

Therefore the power crises have pushed the people into countless problems, not only in their domestic lives but in massive jobs cutoffs of job opportunities for them. As such the living standard of these people is at stake by the severe energy crisis.

Thus the spiraling load shedding across Swat like other parts of the country due to increased consumption in various sectors of the country such as agricultural, industrial, commercial, the demand for electricity is on the steep rise.

While the efforts are not to the tune despite the fact that Pakistan is rich in natural resources that could end our reliance on others.

However, the same would need proper utilization with indigenous resources and native expertise to save us billions of dollars spent in foreign exchange, but that is a far-off cry. DNA

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