Sustainable peace vital for Pakistan’s progress

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Long-term peace is essential for the progress of Pakistan and the politicians and citizens must make every effort to help the country achieve this goal; this was stated by the participants of a dialogue organized by the organization for research and education (ORE). Participants laid emphasis on the use of media to promote awareness in the society. Concern was also shown regarding the situation of education in Pakistan. The participants were of the view that democracy must be strengthened in Pakistan and the nation must remain united to overcome the menace of intolerance and extremism in the society. The dialogue hosted by chairman of ORE Khursheed Nadeem was attended by various political figures that included Ahmad Raza Khan Kasuri, Karim Ahmed Khawaja, Ajmal Khan Wazir, Saeeda Iqbal, Molana Ameer Zaman, Malik Muhammad Habib, Sadaqat Ali Abbasi and others.

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