Supply chain management and productivity in Pakistan’s business

By Muhammad HamzaAfzal

Supply chain management is the mechanism of providing the raw materials an enterprise needs to manufacture products and deliver those products to customers. Supply chain management is the demanding challenge for the Asian traders who are trying to come together with the global market. Pakistan is blessed with resources of manufacturing material and machines and also experienced and hardworking people. They are efficient in giving really good results. So they should be taken care properly, as in giving good pays and also other profits. It need to be recognized that the public sector organizations are their planned national recommendation and not beneficent institutes. It is essential to have teaming to increase the productivity of the goods. The planning process is bounded in a supply chain and this makes plan go around successfully; and helps manufacture goods of high quality at lower prices. Internationally, a well settled organization works on a sales plan of +/- 10 percent. Anything greater or lower than this percentage causes finishing of goods and also production of low quality goods. Due to this a wrong signal can be sent to suppliers and cause many other issues in supplying and producing goods. To progress the outcome of working alone won’t take us anywhere and will cause high costs. We need to speed up the lead times at dry ports and Karachi port to enhance imports and exports. It takes almost a week to get a consignment clear; which in directly is draining our foreign exchange. Integrated transport in introduced to give smooth flow of cargo and to give better control to the supply chain to producers and traders. All these processes must be well planned so that extra movements are removed. Working near suppliers and considering them as part of extended enterprise gives benefits to increase yield. As we know the road transportation costs more than railways but takes less time, so there should be upgrading of coaches. The supply of food grade items, pharmaceutical products and raw materials is transported on the risk of theft; this needs proper security to get rid of the fear of theft. Securing the supply chains need technologies, cooperative systems and processes with trading partners. Asian policymakers must know the significance of supply chain management that how they are contributing to maintain the certain level of trade growth with the trading partners.

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