Supply Chain and its potential in Pakistan’s market

by Muhammad Saad Ahmed Saeed

Supply chain a process which is undertaken by the management to transform raw material to finished goods from the producer to the end consumer, this whole chain of activities in between in known as supply chain. The process basically deals with the logistics, production, procurement, and marketing of the goods to the end customer providing them with the best quality product at their disposal. The supply chain is a network connecting and associating individuals and organizations to plan out resources, activities, and technologies to manufacture and sell a product or service to the end user. The network chain starts with the raw material delivery from a supplier to the manufacturer and which ends with the delivery of the finished product. The supply chain management overlooks each point of the company’s product portfolio, from research and development to the final sale. This adds value through efficiencies and with proper management it can increase revenues, decrease costs, and impact a company’s image.Pakistan’s Economy averaging around a $300 billion GDP annually and with roughly over 200 million inhabitants in the country, has vast opportunities for supply chain mainly due to the economy transforming from an agricultural base to a manufacturing and service based economy. With growing demands and increasingly competitive markets, it’s the perfect time for business to mark development in their supply chain departments to lower down production costs and increase both allocation of resources and productivity to get the maximum utilization of resources and capital. Especially with the economic corridor opening up, it marks great potential for both Pakistan and China to jointly improve businesses and potential trade between countries and the overall exports climbing. The supply chain opportunities have also climbed as now companies are focused on cost cutting and with the availability of greater communication networks producers and suppliers/retailers/consumers can now link up directly with each other eliminating the middle man, which offer chances for supply chain mangers to directly communicate with them and ultimately achieving the maximum benefits for each other.

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