Suicide bombers planning to attack PTI, PAT rallies, warns Nisar

ISLAMABAD: The country’s top intelligence agencies say terrorists are planning to carry out suicide attacks on protest rallies in Islamabad, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan told reporters on Saturday.

“For the past three days, we have been put on a high alert by the intelligence agencies. According to reports, two suicide bombers are known to have entered (Islamabad and Rawalpindi),” Nisar said during a press conference in the federal capital.

“Their aim is to target PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf) and PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehreek) rallies.”

The interior minister said the reports came from military intelligence agencies.

“I don’t want to spread fear or panic – but if something happens tomorrow, it will be the government’s responsibility. This information is based on reports from the country’s top-most military intelligence agencies,” he said.

Nisar urged the leaders and participant of both the PAT and the PTI to coordinate with local administration to ensure better security.

“We have deployed an effective cordon of over 30,000 security personnel. It’s not a small security cordon…its massive with very high costs. But the security of the protestors is our responsibility. We want that PTI and PAT coordinate security matters with the local administration,” he stressed.

The interior minister said that the two parties had been given permission after a set of conditions were agreed upon.

“The conditions are clear. The Red Zone is a red line. Nobody will be allowed to cross it,” he reiterated.

“If any incident occurs, the security agencies are prepared to take appropriate action. Even if a single person crosses the red line, the law will swiftly come into action, he said.

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