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Suffering and the call to the parliament

Atif Iqbal



Sit-ins have been prolonged for almost three weeks now. Rain, hot sun and cold nights are the least troubles for the protestors. The baton charges, tear gasses and other pressurizing tactics were also a minor disrupt to the protestors. However, they still hold their line of command. They still stand on the call of their leaders. They still believe they can bring a change in the sufferings of the common man. All they are doing is not for an individual or a particular family or cast but the whole nation is being saved by the few thousands present at Shahra-e-Dastoor. For the first time in the history of Pakistan’s democracy, parliament is at full throttle debating on account of the campaigners.

Debating of the parliamentarians is rounded off to the protestors. There is a strong belief that the government is trying to make yet another short period pact with the opposition to better the situation. Neglecting to make the strategic decision for the best of the country, the think tank of PML N has to find the solution fast before things get even worse. There is a sense of confidence now in the government that fast proceedings of the parliament will ensure betterment for the people of Pakistan for good. The mandate of the PML N ensures the betterment of the lower class from the grass root level. The unhappy protestors at the door of the parliament say otherwise.

Democracy is something all our politicians are very touchy about; they believe that democracy is something far more important than the lives of the people for whom the democracy is made. That is why they openly condemn any act that could harm their democracy. As a definite group the politicians that are in the national assembly as of now, are the ones that are the most keen to fight over the killings of people against democracy. Once again the essence of democracy was a government, for the people by the people and of the people. In Pakistan democracy is becoming a government for the rich, by the rich and of the rich.

Change is mandatory, in every aspect of the ecology of humanity the only thing constant is change. Then why can’t our government understand the importance of change? In order to gain popularity of the public opinion only the government has the power to sway the nation with confidence. The blame games will be a temporary band aid but not the cure. The government of PML N has the ability and opportunity to conceive a long term cure that can transform Pakistan in to something magnificent.


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