Students and their social responsibilities

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist

Islamabad’s students are very proactive and most of the times they are self-motivated to help the needy of the country. It is still remembered when the great earthquake hit northern Pakistan. Students from schools and universities were on the frontlines in aiding the earthquake victims. Than they also managed to collect fund that were sent to the victims directly. It witnessed that almost all the active student bodies of the recognized educational institutes had some part to play in the overall schematic of the rescue workers. Now again the colossal damages of the floods in the nation call for the help of the student bodies in the institutes of Islamabad and the rest of the nation.

The fact that there are so many ways by which students can play the pivotal role in the disaster management cells by collecting funds at their level of social circles. Apart from that the actual physical interaction with the effected of the natural calamities gives the notion social solidarity in the whole society. This creates the foundation of the better society to live in for everyone regardless of racial differences. Multidimensional, factors that is the characteristics of a society that gives proof of unity, discipline, and perseverance is what the youth of Pakistan represents. There are very few nations that abide by the culture and historical richness that Pakistan carries.

Whatever, the political scenario may be in the nation. Students of Pakistan and especially Islamabad have always given proofs that they belong in the frontlines when social recognition is demanded. Having no self-interest they have been begging for aid from their seniors to save the people in devastations. The recognition for the endeavors that were both selfless and directly contributed for the betterment was ignored, and they didn’t demand it as well. This is the character that western countries dream for; fortunately Pakistan has this characteristic abundant in the shape of the youth of this nation. It is the duty of the head of state to recognize their efforts and at least acknowledge their will to save their brethren in need.

Even though, the right time for grooming the leadership skills of the individuals is at the younger age. The talent in Pakistan is all natural and if added in some hard work the young students can become invincible in terms of their potential to grow in the right direction of their lives. The fact that living conditions of Pakistan are pretty much miserable to live in, their performance still gets the work done. That is the most essential requirement to perform in any professional career; again the youth of Pakistan is being neglected in terms of acknowledgement in terms of their professional and social contributions. The spirit of this youth eccentric force of self-aware individuals is a big hope for this country.


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