Student thrashed for trying to meet Governor Punjab

FAISLABAD (INP): On the occasion of 5th convention of Government College University (GCU) Faislabad, an angry young student took to stage in an attempt to discuss his admission issue with Punjab Governor Mohammad Sarwar on Monday.

According to reports, the young boy named Naeem Ans was trying to submit admission forms for distance learning which were not being accepted by the university administration.

He took to stage and created uproar over the issue of his admission saying that he had been visiting the university for two days to submit forms.

Chaudhry Sarwar was the chief guest at the convention of GCU Faislabad. The young boy carrying a file in his hand hastily advanced towards the stage to speak to Punjab Governor when the security guards shoved him off the stage by pushing, thrashing and hurling abuses at him.

The student, on the other hand kept insisting to talk to Governor Punjab who belongs to his hometown Peer Mahal in Punjab. Chaudhry Sarwar, ultimately heard the young student’s issue.

Apparently, he had been visiting the administration of the university to submit his forms; however, the university had not been accepting his forms saying that they are busy with the convention arrangements.

The boy requested Chaudhry Sarwar to look into his matter as it was the last date of forms submission Monday. Governor Punjab ordered the university administration to immediately resolve the student’s issue.

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