Striving for the wrong reasons

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist

Around the world there are countless examples in the past and present, by which lessons can be learnt. If that seems difficult, then the history of Pakistan alone can be very much educating for the ones who want to learn and improve. The concept of revolution is not sudden it can take ages to prevail. The impact of the protest however pushes the revolution’s dimensions to greater levels. Current scenario of Islamabad depicts the coming of a time where everyone would lose their national and social integrity. Strive from all the entities that create the state called Pakistan seems for the wrong reasons.

Individuals combine together to demonstrate their strength and in order to back the demands that are making them leave their comfort zones. It gets dirty when the rulers turn a blind eye towards the protestors who are actually unhappy people of Pakistan. It gets further worse when the government tries to suppress them by force. This creates a schematic that no longer bears the characteristics of loyalty, compassion and endurance. There is a limit to everything. This must be the core belief of the heads of the state, it is not less than a surprise that today it seems forgotten. Equal and opposite reaction is a fact when force is applied on the objects or in this case unhappy subjects.

Senior political parties’ claim their inputs through democratic intervention has made Pakistan stand out from the world. It seems true enough however their point of success does not match the necessities of this country. They are going on two very different paths; every moment that passes by is increasing the distance between them. The only way everyone can be saved is as simple as it gets reconciliation. The people of Pakistan and the only two political parties that get democratically elected have to rethink everything again.

There is a big issue that needs comprehensive debates by the public. How can the people be elected again and again in turns and still they cannot satisfy the population of the respective constituency let alone the whole nation. Keeping this dilemma aside, the trance that people of Pakistan are in is a way bigger problem. The realization, that the single individual of Pakistan is as socially countable as the heads of the state. Because of the very basic characteristic common amongst them that is humanity. The very roots of our heritage and culture are being attacked. Remembrance, of the very reason of our existence shall be the key to unlock this blockade of national vision.




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